First Hand Coverage of 20th World Book Fair .. A Must Read

20th World Book Fair started here in Delhi on 25th Feb and will continue till 4th March, 2012. On the onset of my coverage, I would like to thank my wife, Kakul, who made it possible for me to attend this most awaited event on the very first day itself.

If you are going to Pragati Maidan by Metro then be prepared to walk for more than a km to reach Gate No.2 (Opposite Bhairon Mandir) for tickets and entry. This really disappointed me.

However, there was no rush at ticket booth and at entry.

The first happy moment on entry was to meet my 1991-96 roommate in AMU, Mr. Diwakar Gupta, who is currently National Manager at Kotak Life Insurance. We spend few minutes chatting together and out of courtesy, I made my own way as he came there with his extended family.

Another disappointment was that its World Book Fair for namesake only since I could not find any Country wise stalls which used to there in previous world book fairs.

Although you may not find crowd pulling stalls selling 4 books for Rs. 100, but you will still find that lovely girl at Mind Power Games stall whom I am seeing for last 3 book fairs.

I, still, managed to best-buy good books to add to my great coveted collection. Here are few of them:

1. Quran & Follow Me alongwith a CD - Free distribution by Salaam Center, Bangalore
2. Hienemann Library Collections (9 books for Rs. 230/-)
a) Weapons and Technologies in World War I
b) Causes of World War II
c) Cold War
d) Matter
e) Great Entertainment Inventions
f) Can Science Solve Mystery Behind Haunted House?
g) School Activities: Presentation
h) School Activities: Project
i) Don't Remember the name and doesn't have energy to go to next room for see its title
3. Times of India Collections (6 books for Rs. 120/-)
i) Sacred Space
ii) Contrapunto
iii) Macmillan's English with CD
iv) Times Guide to Movies with Musical CD of old classics
v) Kalvriksh (Hindi)
vi) Those Nights and Other Short Stories (Published in Illustrated Weekly)
4. JF Kennedy's on Leadership (Rs. 99/-)
5. Great Expectations - Collection of Short Stories by Charles Dickens (Rs. 96/-)
6. Enrirch Your English - CIEFL Guide (Rs. 36/-)
7. Set of Educational CDs for class-V (Rs. 213)

Now, you can make out easily why I said best-buy...because I got so many books for Rs. 794/- only.

The fair was flooded with books on How To Be Successful..Surely, they are written by people who have failed in their life and at last resorted to writing such books. Soon, seeing no sale of their books, they will write books on how to withdraw your books from book fair etc (sic). I am not mentioning the classic ones by Napolean Hill, David Schwartz etc.. They are class apart and I am lucky enough to have them ..atleast their soft versions...

Another set of authors are those bitten by Chetan Bhagat and Rashmi Bansal bug. Now, every IITian and IIM grad has started writing book. That reminded me that I forgot to attend a book release function at India Habitat Center yesterday. The event was the release of book titled 'The Winner's Price (Life Beyond Campus)' by S.V. Divvaakar, my Alma matar (IIT D) alumnus.
Chetan and Divvaakar stayed in Kumaon Hostel where I also stayed. That inspires me to write a book by next World Book Fair.

Then, there were books on fitness and cure of non-curables. Such books are easiest to write.."Sab masala net par mil jaata hai"

Stall of Nita Mehta Group of Companies really inspired me that how a lady started contributing recipes in magazines moved to writing more than 500 titles on recipes and cooking in many languages and now moved to have her own Group of Companies.

As far as, the class of crowd is concerned, it was as usual except there were more Tabs and IPad holders than BlackBerries and touchscreen smartphones.

Hope you liked my coverage and inspite of my tiring day since morning, I made it to fair and got a chance to pursue my another hobby of photography as i will upload soon.

If u have tym, passion, and guts then do go to this fare but do best-buy deals..otherwise you can get other books at a cheaper price outside.

Before, I sign-off, would like to inform you that i m soon opening a blog for book lovers ....:)

Here's your friend reporting from Internet Chaupal...

Oh, that missed book title just striked my mind: How To Be A Scientist