Life As A Game Of Chess

Human life is similar to game of chess except that in chess, you can be defeated but in real life, there is no defeat unless you yourself accept it. This whole world is like a big chessboard and we are its pieces. Just as in game of chess we have rules, there are rules in real life set by socio-political system as well as by our own belief, ideals and conscience. Our each move certainly affects others including environment and surroundings.

So, the question is how should we move. The answer is obvious and simple. Each one of us should move such that he or she makes progress in professional life and at the same time, bring more prosperity in his or her personal life. Had everyone followed this, the world would have been heaven to live in.

But, there are people (certainly, they have lost the righteous path as they could not see the enlightening light) who move in such a way as to create obstacles and hurdles in the path of others. They just wait for others to play one wrong move and they will take it to their advantage. They see it as the only means of achieving what seems success to them.

And if it had happened with you also then don't regret. One wrong move is not an end of everything. It is just a starting point to guide those who are on wrong path. Surely, they will not pay heed to your advice; so you have to put them on right track tactfully and sometimes, through drama. And, if its you who played wrong move for others, then correct yourself at the earliest. Recognizing your mistake is half washing of your sins and asking forgiveness washes away the remaining sins - even if the concerned party do not respond.

Observe the moves of other successful and right people. Learn how they played in a situation similar to yours. Explore how they transformed the lives of misguided people or how they put themselves on right track once they started heading wrongly.

It is also important that you don't play your move randomly. Plan each move of yours so that you gain maximum out of it. Be a foresighted person who knows the 3-4 advance responses of their move. To elaborate, they know that if they play a particular move, how others will move, then what move they will take, then what will be the response and so on.

So, happily play your chess of life with always asking God to give you wisdom and courage for right moves. Sooner or later, you will recognize that with His blessings, all your moves are right and even if you slip, it will not dishearten you as you know that virtually stepping back to learn your mistake, will put you in a better position.