How Much Do You Score In God's Tests?

About 4 years ago, I came out of McDonalds at Kamla Nagar, Delhi and found a poor boy selling 'Budhiya ka kaanta' (in English, you may call it cotton sugar sticks..don't know exactly its name but its pink soft sweet cotton like thing wrapped over a stick). He insisted us to buy those two he had left with. But my son was not well and doctor has asked to avoid such things, so I ignored the poor chap and started back home. But I could go only half-way...his words were echoing in my ears that he can go home if he could manage to sell remaining items.

So, I took u-turn to the place but could not find him. I feel very sorry all my life through. He was a little angle sent by God to test how much I care for others.

This year again similar thing happened. I was buying vegetables at safal booth when 3-4 poor kids came and gave 2 rupees to shopkeeper for few mangoes. Shopkeeper's wife gave one rotten mango to these kids and again I failed the test of God. I could have afforded to buy a kg mango for them.

God knows how bad I felt for not being quick and witty in my actions. So, He gave me another opportunity to pass His test. I passed by a boy who started licking chutney from a plate thrown by a person after having momos. I went back straight to the boy and bought him a plate of momos. His dazzling eyes certified that I had at last passed the test of God.

Since then, I decided to be quick in helping the needy. Its embarrassing to ask someone for money etc. and the people who ask are sometimes really in need. You should be thankful to God that he gave you so much that you have been asked for.

Always look forward for these tests by God and try to succeed in it. There are no tests as valuable as these.