The Perfect Balance

We all know about principle of energy conservation.
It states: "Energy may get transformed into another form like potential energy to kinetic energy but total energy remains same or energy is conserved."
Some people extend this law to money as well. They say, money only changes hand and total money is same.
Recently, I experienced it myself and was amazed to see the perfect balance. Here it goes:
Somebody owed me Rs. 650 but I demanded Rs. 1500/-. I was not in mood of cheating him but out of frustration on his behaviour, I took this step.
The very next day, my computer malfunctioned and its repair amount to Rs. 850/-. Hope by now, you must have guessed what I have to say further.

650 + 850 = 1500

Rs. 850 which I got in wrong manner passed on to another person. WHAT A PERFECT BALANCE.

Moral of the story:
1. Never cheat anyone. You will pay the price immediately which is at least the amount you cheated for or even greater.
2. Law of conservation of money is proved
3. Very few people recognize that whatever wrong is happening to them is nothing but follow-up of their previous deeds. At least, I recognized it.