Why Do We Kill An Ant?

Whenever we see an ant crawling on our clothes, body, or near to us, our first reaction is to kill it. But why we do that? Certainly because our hearts are empty of kindness. We all know that an ant can kill an elephant by biting inside elephant's trunk but be assured that it cannot harm you. The pain of its bite is much less than that of an injection. So, the question is why we try to kill an ant as soon as we see it.
I request you to please don't kill an ant in future. If you see one on your body, clothes, bed, or table then simply blow it away gently or put it to some other place using paper etc.
Isn't a good idea to sprinkle some sugar or sweets to invite ants and see them partying.
Hope I have conveyed you the message ! May God give you 1000 blessings for sparing a single ant :)