Learn From the US Politicians

Politics all over the world was quite interesting in the last few weeks. People all over the world closely followed US Presidential Election 2008. The latest terror attack on India was much politicized. One department/ ministry putting blame on each other. The ministers made the worst comments ever. Be it comment of Deputy CM of Maharashtra "Small incidents happen in big cities" or that Kerela CM towards father of Martyr Major Sandeep "Even the dog would not have..." or BJP leader about "Lipstick wearing..offering condelences..etc.."

Every new channel were showing different persons as heroes in Mumbai incident. Media telecast might have helped the terrorist as well by letting them know what is happening outside against them.

Delhi Assembly Elections were also interesting. Parties asked for vote by pin-pointing the weaknesses of other parties instead of banking on their own capabilities which they might have shown when they were ruling.

On the other hand, if you see US politics where Obama and Hiliary which were once rival are now team mates for betterment of their country. Should not politicians all over the world learn from them?