Don't Trust The Trusted Brands

Here are few tips which are based on my personal experience and I am sharing with you so that you don't get trapped in the trust of the trusted brands.

1. Recently, I got my car serviced. Instead of taking my car to nearby service workshop, I preferred to take it to the company's authorised dealer workshop. Next day, the car was making some sound which was reported to dealer's rep who called to know if we are satisfied with the service. On inspecting, I found that one tyre was replaced by torned out one. Obviously, dealer will not accept what he has done.
Tip: Whenever you give anything for service, put some identification marks on it so that you can be sure of getting back your things only. Sometimes, this is practically impossible.

2. Another car problem from the same manufacturer. This happened with my friend who gave his car to authorised dealer for first service. The engine was not properly screwed resulting in engine seize. It took months of telephonic conversations, faxes, meeting with the dealer again and again to get the engine replaced. Now, he is facing registration problems because of engine change.
Tips: Don't think that authorised workshops/service centres have trained and skilled manpower.

3. This is the case of a famous magzine. I put an order on the web for the encyclopedias CDs offered by this famous mag. Even after 3 months, I have not received any CD except other offers to buy this & that. On contacting their tele customer service, these were the responses:
On first contact: There was some problem, you will get your items this week.
15 days later: CDs were out-of-stock and you will get them in a weeks time
10 days later: We have sent them 3 days back and this is the consignment number.
20 days later: Same response as above. On telling that you told same thing 20 days back, a polite answer came "somehow we had not dispatched that consigment earlier".
Tips: Don't buy anything on web unless absolutely essential. If you have to buy then choose "payment on delivery" option without being lured that if you pay be credit card, you will get this and that free.

4. Even the famous hospital chains don't have proper patient care. Recently, my was admitted in a hospital and a week before that he had cataract operation. The eye surgeon had advised to avoid water in that eye. This was told to the nurses in the hospital. But, even then they put distilled water is his eye while giving him a sponge. Second case is that of my son. The hospital gave him wrong dosage and the following day were not turning up to give him medicines.
Tips: Don't leave your patient on the mercy of the hospital staff, no matter how good that hospital is.

All the four cases relates to very trusted brands. If they will not take appropriate actions then I will disclose their names (may be to media)