Making World Safe for the Women

Today's front page news are quite disheartening. Continuous rains in Bihar (INDIA) has made several people houseless with nothing left to eat and live by. Even in such troubled times, man has not left his mean mentality. Several women are being molested when trying to save their lives.

We often talk of making Delhi safe for women. Every now and then, we get the news of some foreign women tourist getting raped. Its not Delhi or India alone, its whole world to be made safe for women. Even in advanced nations having sexual liberation, rape cannot be taken as a trivial thing. Its a murder of women's dignity - a heinous crime.

Concerned authorities do take actions but figures are rising. Statistics show that rape cases have grown from 7 to 53 a day since 1971. This is quite alarming.

A famous quote says "None but only you can help yourself". This fits here also. Women have to take preventive actions themselves. Here are some of the tips for women travelling or living alone:
  • Never be frank with a stranger
  • Don't ask unknowns for lifts
  • While travelling in an autorickshaw or taxi, note the number of vehicle and SMS someone about the vehicle in which you are commuting.
  • Avoid lonely places.
  • Avoid odd hours for leaving or coming home.
  • Always carry a mobile phone.
  • Buy protective sprays for use when confronted with some such trouble.
  • Carry a pouch of chilli powder with you to throw in the eyes of the molester.
  • A razor blade (half-cut) between your fingers is quite useful when travelling in crowded public transports like city buses.
  • Dress sensibly, in so called FREEDOM of expression world.