How to get Richer in Hours

Dear friends, money is something we all need. The more you have the less it seems. Everyone wants to be richer than what he or she is right now. There are many ways. Internet is a great place to earn money. I often see these advsertisements in newspapers, websites, and as unsolicited e-mails in my inbox. But, I never took them seriously until I once tried some of them and earned around $50 in less than 2 days and that too by spending less than 3 hours in total. Surely, I would have earned more if I had devoted more time.

There are more than two dozen ways to earn money on Internet. I have tried some of them which I would like to share with you:

  • Google Adsense: Involves placing scripts provided on Google on your web-page/blog to display advertisement. You get paid for both the number of times advertisement (ads) appeared on your page as well for the clicks and purchases through paid ads. To get an idea of how it works, visit following blogs:

  • Online Surveys: There are many websites that pay you for surveys you do for their clients. You can join one such site at:

  • Writing Services: Some websites pay you writing articles on any topic for their websites. One such site is:
To get an idea about how to write articles for this website, just see my articles at this site:

There are many other well proven methods. I am still working on them. Also, I am writing a book on all these techniques and how & what you need to do to benefit from them.

So now onwards, don't just surf internet but dig money from it.

Wishing you a succcessful endeavour...